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Ultra-Agent Industries Inc. is a media, intelligence and technology incubation lab. We build markets, companies, experiences, products, services, and technologies that help empower people to lead themselves, their organizations, and their countries.

Our portfolio includes doveland, herobroke, riders united, outlaws of chivalry, primal fang, suprawar, tiny engines, überbabe and ultrafuture.

Our expertise arcs applied science, advertising, business, culture, finance, governance, education, energy, environment, law, media and entertainment, technology, aviation, aerospace and defense. And, ah, surfing.

Our Properties


doveland: economy & ecosystem


überbabe: entertainment


tiny engines: science & technology


ultrafuture: design & engineering

primal fang: law

suprawar: aerospace & defense

outlaws of chivalry: sport

riders united: security

herobroke: rescue



> building our portfolio of brands, projects, and companies > advising a few organizations, whose founders also love to build > mentoring a couple of technology accelerator programs

Cowboy Code

There’s a kind of cowboy code I like to live by. It’s a code of the West kind of code, that I’ve modified to fit me. And what matters to me. Where I talk straight and shoot straighter – when it’s necessary to shoot. Where I only say I’m going to do what I’m really going […]

The Future of Consciousness: Robot Love – Sentience, and the Eye of the Beholder

Every morning, I receive trend alerts from an artificially intelligent program that analyzes data like human researchers once did. It predicts implications of trends, and potential futures, as I do. This morning it advised me of what it considers a new trend, “Tech toys that empower the next generation.” This week, I talk to the […]

“Lisa has an understanding that is frankly rare, as to how Hollywood works, and why.”

–Greg Estes, former GM, Silicon Graphics

“Lisa Voldeng brings a fresh, provocative voice to major media and online issues.”

–Walt Mossberg, The Wall Street Journal

“Lisa Voldeng gets it. She really does. I’d follow her anywhere.”

– Stefan Simchowitz, President, Simco; Producer, Requiem for a Dream; former President, Bandeira Entertainment

“As good as it gets.”

Marc Landsberg, Founder SocialDeviant, former President, MRM Worldwide; former President Arc Worldwide/Publicis Groupe

“I am left quivering and speechless. überbabe has overcome me.”

–Michael Musto, Village Voice

“The love child of Paul Kantner and Joseph Campbell... Finding something this engaging to see and hear and read, something this socially and spiritually progressive, can make a man do crazy things...”

– Joe McCombs, Village Voice, Time

“You are the twinkle in the inward looking eye, the tip on the horn of the unicorn and the double knot in the red converse sneakers of sanity... We dedicate this dusk to the überbabe, and the sunrise to [UAI]...”

– überbabe immersive experience user, Phase 1


Lenard Mi Vie

Co-Chief Creative Officer

Lenard Mi Vie

Co-Chief Creative Officer Lenard Vie is an innovator and inventor at heart, focused on visual communication and concept design that crosses industries and worlds. He creates entertainment, media and social media technologies based on possible paths of application, interpretation and general interaction. And he focuses on developing and simplifying technologies based on the relationship between user and experience.

Previously, Vie successfully predicted evolutions of social media by evaluating group interaction; designed ways to add value to communities and companies based on evolutions of design languages; and completed redesign and branding for local companies in Brazil such as 4 Consulting Solutions (entrepreneurial solutions) and TSC (security based company - Technology, Service and Commerce). Vie also worked with Walt Disney World and Walt Disney Company, gaining insight into immersive entertainment and experience design, further fuelling his love of invention and the importance of design in inspiring and building relationships.

Lisa (Lise) Voldeng

CEO and Chief Creative Officer

Lisa (Lise) Voldeng

Lisa (Lise) Voldeng is a CEO, inventor, futurist, and investor. She invests and has invested in, advised, and developed a host of markets, companies, platforms, products, services and technologies that 1] help empower people to lead themselves, and 2] help empower people to lead their organizations and countries. Her expertise spans applied science, advertising, business, culture, finance, governance, education, energy, environment, law, media and entertainment, technology, and space.

Voldeng is currently CEO, Chief Creative Officer and founder of Ultra Agent Industries Inc. Voldeng was also CEO and founder of multiplatform entertainment company Sugarlab Corp. and entertainment and technology forecasting firm Digital Mogul Previously, she was a senior industry analyst for Upside, and a director/developer with several Fortune 1000 advanced technology companies. Voldeng cut her teeth in advanced telecommunications in the early 1990s, beginning her career in development with a company acquired by HP’s Test and Measurement division. She built her first technology when she was 11 (a surround sound speaker system for her bedroom), wrote her first screenplay when she was also 11 (and unabashedly cheesy Star Wars holiday special), and designed and deployed her first immersive experience at 10 (a haunted forest that neighborhood kids paid 25 cents each to… immersively experience).

Voldeng has successfully forecasted the evolution of a host of markets and market developments globally since the 1990s – including the evolution of advanced technologies including the rise of the Internet, the advancement of biotechnology, and the evolution of AI; the evolution of entertainment, media, and culture; the evolution of participatory communities including live and social media, platforms and networks; the evolution of energy, resources, and the environment; the evolution of economy, and the evolution of governance.

Voldeng was named one of the Top 10 “21st Century Media Thinkers” by Nikkei Electronics, one of the “Top 25 Women in Technology” by ZDnet/SFWOW and one of the “Women to Know in New Media” by the Online Journalism Review. She’s been profiled in publications from The Industry Standard and USA Today to The Globe and Mail and The National Post, and provides expert analysis to international media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, C/NET, and The Hollywood Reporter.

Voldeng is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), Association of Professional Futurists, a member of the Silicon Valley Space Club, a founding and judging member of the World Technology Network, a startup mentor with Viatec, and co-producer and moderator for The Future Now Show. She continues to selectively advise people, organizations, and international governing bodies - from startups to Fortune 500 companies to NASA to the EC - on how to adapt to disruptive changes, and build lives, organizations and cultures that thrive.


  • Elad Marish, President, Swell Music and Sound.
  • Tim Mack, President AAI Foresight. Previously CEO of the World Future Society, VP Research WPP, Researcher US National Research Council and Harvard’s Kennedy School.
  • Felix Bopp, Chairman, Club of Amsterdam.

board of allies

  • Brian Zisk: Founder and Executive Producer of the SF MusicTech Summit and SF MusicTech Fund, Future of Money, co-founder of the Future of Music Coalition
  • Dan Robles: Director of the Ingenesist Project, co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Social Flights
  • David Weekly: Founder and CEO of PBWiki and Gaston Labs, founder of Mexican.VC and Hacker Dojo, Product Manager Google
  • Jennifer Ouano: Founder, President, BTWXT Games, co-creator, Senior Producer, Creative Director of CBC TV’s ZeD program.
  • Jon Lebkowsky: Web consultant, author, activist; Founder, Polycot; Host, The Well, Developer, Consumers Union, Whole Foods
  • Kris Krug: Co-founder of Raincity Digital and Bryght Technologies, Photographer at TED, Freelance Creative Director and Web Strategist, Strategic Advisor to the UN
  • Marc Canter: President Interface, President Digital City Mechanics, Founder Macromind/Macromedia
  • Whitney Broussard: Entertainment Lawyer at The Law Office of Whitney Broussard, previously Counsel and Partner at Selverne, Mandelbaum and Mintz
  • William RN Hulley: President, Akirakana, LLC and co-founder and former General Partner, Adams Capital Management

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