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Ultra-Agent Industries Inc. is an integrated entertainment and media, intelligence, lifestyle and technology company and lab. We equip individuals to lead ourselves, our organizations, and our countries with joyous, prosperous integrity - across every feature of civilization.

We build markets, companies, experiences, products, services, and technologies that help empower people to lead themselves, their organizations, and their countries. We forecast developments. We develop and direct teams, projects and companies. And we invest in, advise, and mentor individuals and organizations. So we truly shine.

Our expertise arcs applied science, advertising, business, culture, finance, governance, education, energy, environment, law, entertainment and media, technology, and space.

Our portfolio includes doveland, herobroke, riders united, outlaws of chivalry, primal fang, suprawar, tiny engines, überbabe® and ultrafuture. überbabe is our flagship brand, created by überbabe and UAI founder Lise Voldeng back before the covered wagon days of the universe.

Each of our brands presents a mix of product and service solutions, from advisory to culture to clothing to conference to concert to entertainment to education to experience to forecast to finance to media to motion picture production to music to machine to machine technology to manufacturing to publishing to space to sports to science, and beyond.




We package our überbabe® product and services mixes in themed series, across an array of industries, for an array of customers, from individuals to organizations.

Our first überbabe series, same as it ever was, presents a mix of advisory, entertainment and media, and clothing and lifestyle products for the more than true überbabe loving warrior.

Our current überbabe series consists of three trilogies spanning a mix of advisory, entertainment and media, lifestyle and technology products, as well as many brand new kinds. The überbabe triple trilogy series titles are:

überbabe 2: s.o.s./w.o.w./n.o.w.

überbabe 2: trilogy 1 stars over shootland
überbabe 2: trilogy 2 worlds over war
überbabe 2: trilogy 3 now of wonder

Some of the überbabe associated brands include:



doveland: governance

herobroke: medicine

outlaws of chivalry: entertainment & media

primal fang: law & law enforcement

riders united: finance

suprawar: aerospace & defense


tiny engines: science & technology


ultrafuture: lifestyle


Customers and Partners

Our products are sold in shops across North America and the UK, and online globally. Our service products are sold globally digitally, and in select cities across North America and the UK. We also license and syndicate products, and provide select advisory, development and oversight services internationally.

Some of our distributors include Diamond Comics Distributors [DCD], Baker & Taylor Books and CD Baby. DCD sells product into 4500 retailers across North America and the UK. B&T is the second largest independent book distributor in the US. CD Baby is the largest seller of independent music online, selling product directly and through distribution partners such as Amazon, Apple iTunes, and Spotify.

Here are links to some of the überbabe music albums:



Here are some more of the organizations we help and helped and who help us:



DoubleClick, Fallon, Leo Burnett, Peppers & Rogers Group, Pico Worldwide. Pittard Sullivan, Publicis Groupe, Y&R



Accenture, KPMG, Korn/Ferry



Accel Partners, Adams Capital Management, Bear Stearns, Benchmark Capital, CS First Boston, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, East West Venture Group, Ed Venture Holdings, Ernst & Young, Houlihan Lokey Howard & Zukin, Hummer Venture Partners, IDG Ventures, Institutional Venture Partners, JP Morgan, Kleiner Perkins, Mohr Davidow Ventures, Morgan Stanley Dean Whitter, Paul Allen Group, US Venture Partners, Vulcan Ventures, Waller Capital



Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, AFI, ASCAP, European Commission, Grammy Organization, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, NAB, NASA, NATPE, RIAA, SXSW, US Department of Justice, Vancouver Olympic Committee, as well as selected city, provincial, state, federal, and international governing groups



Beat-Law, BLG, as well as myriad lawyers working with various organizations



AOL Time Warner, Baker and Taylor, Bertelsmann, CAA, Crain Communications, Disney, Dow Jones & Company, Myriad, Napster, News Corp., Real Networks, Sony, Viacom, William Morris



Associated Press, Bloomberg, Business Week, CNET, CNN, Forbes, Industry Standard, Interactive Week, LA Times, Newsweek, NY Times, Red Herring, Reuters, Rolling Stone, The Hollywood Reporter, USA Today, Variety, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Wired



Adobe, AIM, Amazon, Apple, Aquent, AT&T, Brilliant Digital, Cylink, Digital Domain, Documentum, EA, Excite At Home, Google, Hipbone, HP Test & Measurement, IBM, ILM, Intel, Interactive Marketing, Inc., ipVerse ,Jetstream, Macromedia, Microsoft, Motorola, Netscape, Network Associates, Nokia, NTT, Oracle, PE Applied Biosystems, Silicon Graphics, Sun Microsystems, Tibco, Triton Imaging, Yahoo

“Lisa has an understanding that is frankly rare, as to how Hollywood works, and why.”

–Greg Estes, former GM, Silicon Graphics

“Lisa Voldeng brings a fresh, provocative voice to major media and online issues.”

–Walt Mossberg, The Wall Street Journal

“Lisa Voldeng gets it. She really does. I’d follow her anywhere.”

– Stefan Simchowitz, President, Simco; Producer, Requiem for a Dream; former President, Bandeira Entertainment

“As good as it gets.”

Marc Landsberg, Founder SocialDeviant, former President, MRM Worldwide; former President Arc Worldwide/Publicis Groupe

“I am left quivering and speechless. überbabe has overcome me.”

–Michael Musto, Village Voice

“The love child of Paul Kantner and Joseph Campbell... Finding something this engaging to see and hear and read, something this socially and spiritually progressive, can make a man do crazy things...”

– Joe McCombs, Village Voice, Time

“You are the twinkle in the inward looking eye, the tip on the horn of the unicorn and the double knot in the red converse sneakers of sanity... We dedicate this dusk to the überbabe, and the sunrise to [UAI]...”

– überbabe immersive experience user, Phase 1

“As most venture capitalists do, every year I preview dozens of newsletters and talk to dozens of analysts, all in hopes of uncovering original and useful thinkers that might give me an edge in a very competitive business. Your stuff focuses on what most others miss, and more importantly, you tell the story thoughtfully, relevantly and irreverently. Most don't make the cut. You do.”

-William C. Hulley, former General Partner, Adams Capital Management

“[Lise Voldeng's advisories are] essential reading, peer review for digital architects immersed in design and strategy. [Voldeng] is a lighthouse for those of us finding a path to the new world.”

-Jim Griffin, CEO, OneHouse LLC

“Anyone concerned with getting down to the business of being creative in the ever evolving digital landscape should treat themselves to a helping of [Voldeng's] provocative commentary.”

-Jordan Kurzweil, former Vice President of Content Development, News America Digital/Fox

“I thought it might be helpful to let you know of how I have come to greatly value your publication. Succinctly, it informs where others do the opposite, it entertains because it's attitude is about asking tough questions that we all want to know the answers to, and it is wholly unaffected (which in the web world is a rarity, indeed) and unbiased in its approach.
As a practicing participant in the mono-media field of children's and young family TV programming, "überbabe" is a great weapon to have when considering what our options are in the rapidly changing world of entertainment. Particularly, if it will help in getting us beyond the horizons of traditional or conventional entertainment delivery mediums and creating exciting ways in telling great stories...”

-Robert Ross, CEO, Ross Saunders Entertainment Group

“[Lise Voldeng] cuts through a sea of hype and helps media and entertainment leaders get valuable information, special insight and thoughtful commentary on issues like convergence, technology and content. [Voldeng is] required reading to stay ahead of the market and to understand how to manage within our swiftly moving industries.”

-Andrew H. Orgel, former President and COO, Wisdom Networks and Co-Founder, MTV and A&E



Insight courtesy of UAI CEO Lise Voldeng. Title credits music courtesy of UAI CEO Lise Voldeng and Elad Marish. Audio editing courtesy of The Club of Amsterdam

a little bit of a little bit of überbabe s.o.s./w.o.w./n.o.w.

In the covered wagon days of the Internet, I used to tell my Hollywood peers something like, “If you can tell a beautiful story around a campfire, you can tell a beautiful story in any medium.” Today I say, it started it starts with love, singing true. Here is an excerpt from my triple trilogy […]


What did I do when I got stuck in a bathroom (while doing laundry in said bathroom) in a cabin on 7 isolated acres on the side of a mountain on an island, where no one else was expected to visit for at least 3 days? I listened to my own knowing – and I […]

the joyous beauty of riding beyond fear

Insight courtesy of UAI CEO Lise Voldeng. Title credits music courtesy of UAI CEO Lise Voldeng and Elad Marish. Audio editing courtesy of The Club of Amsterdam (www.clubofamsterdam.com).

Cowboy Code

There’s a kind of cowboy code I like to live by. It’s a code of the West kind of code, that I’ve modified to fit me. And what matters to me. Where I talk straight and shoot straighter – when it’s necessary to shoot. Where I only say I’m going to do what I’m really going […]


Lise (Lisa) Voldeng

CEO and Chief Creative Officer

Lise (Lisa) Voldeng

Lisa (Lise) Voldeng: CEO, creator, futurist, and investor. Runs accelerator Ultra-Agent Industries Inc. Loves icecream and integrity.

Voldeng successfully forecasts global developments and develops solutions - across every sector of civilization - to help us prosper. She builds brands, markets, organizations, platforms, products, and experiences. And she invests in, advises, and mentors individuals and organizations who want to prosper integrously.

Her expertise spans every sector of culture: from advertising to aerospace and defense to business entertainment and media to education to energy and resources, environment and ecosystem to finance and economy to governance to law to science and technology. Voldeng has successfully forecasted (and built solutions for) the evolution of advanced communications including the rise of the Internet, mobile and non-terrestrial communications technologies; the evolution of science and applied sciences; the evolution of entertainment, media, and culture; the evolution of participatory communities including live and social media, platforms and networks; the evolution of energy, resources, and the environment; the evolution of finance and economy; the evolution of governance; and the evolution of emerging technologies including ethical weapons and AI. Her work spans multiple media and media formats, from publishing to music to film and TV to games to events to emerging media. She’s written and produced trend reports, books, music albums and an array of multimedia multitechnology products, events, and experiences. Voldeng has created numerous brands spanning every aspect of culture, from entertainment and media to lifestyle to aerospace and defense to governance to technology. Key brands include überbabe® (first trademarked in 1997, and consisting of hundreds of “child brands”) Some of überbabe’s “child brands” include ultrafuture, doveland, tiny engines, primal fang, suprawar, riders united, outlaws of chivalry, and herobroke.

Voldeng was CEO and founder of entertainment technology company Sugarlab Corp., and entertainment technology forecasting, analysis, and research lab UMI/Digital Mogul. She started her first company when she was just shy of her teens. She was also senior industry analyst with Upside, and a director/senior developer with several Fortune 1000 advanced media and technology companies. Voldeng cut her teeth in advanced telecommunications in the early 1990s, beginning her career in development with a company acquired by HP’s Test and Measurement division. She built her first technology when she was 11 (a surround sound speaker system for her bedroom), wrote her first screenplay when she was also 11 (an unabashedly cheesy Star Wars holiday special), and designed and deployed her first immersive experience at 9 (a haunted forest that neighborhood kids paid 25 cents each to… immersively experience).

Voldeng was named one of the Top 10 “21st Century Media Thinkers” by Nikkei Electronics, one of the “Top 25 Women in Technology” by ZDnet/SFWOW and one of the “Women to Know in New Media” by the Online Journalism Review. She’s been profiled in media outlets from Fox Business News and Wealth TV to The Industry Standard and USA Today to The Globe and Mail and The National Post. She selectively provides expert advisory and analysis to international media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, C/NET, and The Hollywood Reporter.

Voldeng is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP); Association of Professional Futurists; and the Silicon Valley Space Club. She is a founding member and judge of the World Technology Network, and co-producer and moderator for The Future Now Show, and mentor for various accelerator programs including Viatec and the University of Victoria’s business school. She was a judge for the SXSW Business Accelerator, an advisor on NASA’s strategic plans, an advisor to Canadian MP Dr. Hedy Fry, and a board member and co-chair for various local and national nonprofit organizations.

some press mentions


Elad Marish

President, Swell Music and Sound

Elad Marish

Born in Israel’s central coast and hailing from a direct line of the tribe of Levi, music runs deep in Elad Marish’s blood. When his parents moved to the US Midwest in his early childhood and he was exposed to the sounds of American rock like AC/DC, Queen, and Kiss, there was no looking back. Depeche Mode, art rock, funk, and psychedelic sounds sealed the deal. Playing in bands from age 15 in the Valley and moving to the Bay Area in his 20s in pursuit of the music, he studied under Joel Jaffe and Studio D, learning the craft of engineering. After listening to that same country song more than 150 times, he quit the desk-side of the glass to follow his singer/songwriter instincts. At 28 he moved to Venice, played in his band, and started rOOm audio, learning the trade of audio post production and composing. He has written multiple albums’ worth of material and is in demand as a creative director, producer, sound designer and mixer for brands, agencies, and production companies worldwide under the banner of Swell Music + Sound.

Felix Bopp

Chairman, Club of Amsterdam

Felix Bopp

Felix is founder and chairman of the Club of Amsterdam, an independent, international think-tank that organises regular high-level discussions on preferred futures. It involves those who are not just talking about the future - but those who are active participants in shaping the outcome. www.clubofamsterdam.com provides rich resources about more than 100 topics from nanotechnology to philosophy. He has an excellent reputation for putting together high-quality and high-visibility events – locally and internationally. He organised more than 400 events, conferences and festivals. Felix has been a voice promoting streaming media since its early days in the mid 90s. He made himself a name as a high-profile trend watcher on a global scale with a close eye on information and communication technologies [ICT] and the music & entertainment industry. His wide scope of interests leads him to develop a range of outstanding products in multimedia & publishing. His roots are in music and the music industry. He is an accomplished composer of theatre, ballet and film music and also had a successful career as a performer. Partner, Connected Village Foundation. Universal Peace Ambassador in the Universal Ambassador Peace Circle, Geneva, Switzerland.

board of allies

  • Brian Zisk: Founder and Executive Producer of the SF MusicTech Summit and SF MusicTech Fund, Future of Money, co-founder of the Future of Music Coalition
  • Dan Robles: Director of the Ingenesist Project, co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Social Flights
  • David Weekly: Founder and CEO of PBWiki and Gaston Labs, founder of Mexican.VC and Hacker Dojo, Product Manager Google
  • Jennifer Ouano: Founder, President, BTWXT Games, co-creator, Senior Producer, Creative Director of CBC TV’s ZeD program.
  • Jon Lebkowsky: Web consultant, author, activist; Founder, Polycot; Host, The Well, Developer, Consumers Union, Whole Foods
  • Whitney Broussard: Entertainment Lawyer at The Law Office of Whitney Broussard, previously Counsel and Partner at Selverne, Mandelbaum and Mintz
  • William RN Hulley: President, Akirakana, LLC and co-founder and former General Partner, Adams Capital Management
  • Susan Specht Oram: strategic communications and investor relations consultant for SOS Communications LLC, previously Senior Director for OncoGenex (OGXI),  Director for Dendreon (DNDN) and as Senior Director for ZymoGenetics (ZGEN)

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